Job Opportunities for post-docs and graduate students

As part of the H2020-funded iReceptor Plus project, some consortium members seek to hire candidates with a computational background (MSc. or PhD in computer science, bioinformatics, mathematics or statistics) and a deep interest in immunology. Significant experience with R tools and coding languages (Python, C++), as well as high throughput data analysis, integration and management are required. Specific requirements are detailed for each job offer. Click here for the list of job offers.

The Project
iReceptor Plus (www.ireceptor-plus.com) is an international project which aims to promote human immunological data storage, integration and controlled sharing to enable personalized medicine. The 4- year long project is led by Bar-Ilan University, funded by Horizon2020 and involves academic labs and companies from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Norway, Portugal, Spain and the USA.

Scientific Background
Adaptive immune B and T lymphocytes are characterized by their clonal expression of receptors, respectively B-cell receptor (BCR) and T-cell receptor (TCR). BCR and TCR are receptors specific for antigens, providing the immune system with the capacity to respond to pathogens, tumor cells and avoid autoimmune disorders. The collection of BCR and TCR form the adaptive immune receptor repertoire (AIRR) and are known to be highly diverse.  This repertoire reflects the immune status of each individual at a given time. Understanding its diversity in health and disease offers perspectives to identify new biomarkers for disease, treatment efficacy and therapeutic target development. Next-generation sequencing is nowadays the source of data, generating a large amount of information, yet not shared in an efficient way for better valorization of the already available knowledge.

iReceptor Plus is therefore engaged in the integration, modelling and sharing of AIRR data through a computational approach to provide the scientific community with a federated AIRR data integrative platform.