COVID-19 Action

iReceptor Plus has already gathered data of almost 700 million sequences of T and B cell receptor repertoires from COVID-19 patients and the number is constantly on the rise.

The project is offering its technology tools and infrastructure to share and analyze this data resource with the scientific community, drug companies and researchers.

We are offering information from seven different COVID-19 research studies carried out in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and China, with multiple patients through the iReceptor Gateway. This data is critical to the search for anti-COVID-19 therapeutics and vaccines. iReceptor Plus intends to add additional data sets in the coming weeks.

iReceptor Plus is dedicated to sharing and analyzing antibody and T-cell receptor (AIRR-seq) data from the immune system to accelerate vaccine discovery against pathogens such as the novel coronavirus.

The data, obtained from several COVID-19 studies, can be compared to each other, and for such a large collection of immune receptor sequences from multiple diseases, laboratories and institutions.

We encourage additional researchers to volunteer to share their data publicly in order to accelerate research into anti-COVID therapeutics and vaccines.

Scientists are invited to join this collaborative effort. Having these data available through allows researchers to easily access the data in a usable form.

To collaborate with iReceptor Plus, please contact us.

iReceptor Plus Sequences of T and B Cell Receptor Repertoires