iReceptor Plus - General Assembly Meeting

November 28-30, 2022
Paris, France

iR+ Seminar Series - Katharina Imkeller, Frankfurt Cancer Institute, Germany

iR+ Seminar Series - Nur-Taz Rahman, 10x Genomics, USA

iR+ Seminar Series - Xiaole Shirley Liu, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, USA

iR+ Seminar Series - Ning Jenny Jiang, University of Pennsylvania, USA

MPIPKS Workshop & Seminar - Dynamics of Immune Repertoires: Exploration and Translation

iReceptor Plus General Assembly Meeting

June 19-23, 2022
Porto, Portugal

iR+ Seminar Series - Bryan Briney, Scripps Research, California, USA

iR+ Seminar Series - Phil Bradley, Fred Hutch, USA

iR+ Seminar Series - Tao Wang, UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA

Global COVID Lab Meeting

February 10, 2022

Felix Breden, Kira Neller, and Brian Corrie talked about Antibody and T-cell Receptor Sequences Promote Rapid Response to COVID-19, at the Global COVID Lab Meeting.

To watch the recorded webinar, visit the YouTube channel of the Human Vaccines Project 

iR+ Seminar Series - Thierry Mora, Ecole normale supérieure, France

Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics (US) 2021

December 13, 2021

iReceptor Plus partners, Felix Breden from Simon Fraser University, talked at the Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics Webinar.

iR+ Seminar Series - Cathrine Scheepers, National Institute for Communicable Diseases, South Africa

10X Genomics Canada Webinar

November 17, 2021

iReceptor Plus partners, Felix Breden and Brian Corrie, talked about FAIR Data Curation of Antibody/B-cell and T-cell Receptor Sequences in the AIRR Data Commons Promotes Rapid Response to COVID-19, at the 10X Genomics Canada webinar.

International Data Sharing: Fostering Engagement, Transparency and Accountability

iR+ Seminar Series - Sai Reddy, ETH Zurich

iR+ Seminar Series - Encarnita Mariotti-Ferrandiz, Sorbonne Universite & Anne Eugster, Dresden University of Technology

September 30, 2021

Watch the recorded seminar

MedGenome Webinar

July 21, 2021

iR+ Seminar Series - Sachdev Sidhu, University of Toronto

June 24, 2021


June 21-23, 2021
University of Haifa, Israel

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June 1, 2021

iReceptor Plus General Assembly Meeting

June 1, 2021

iR+ Seminar Series - David Klatzmann, Sorbonne Universite

May 27, 2021

iR+ Seminar Series - Hedda Wardemann, DKFZ

April 22, 2021

iR+ Seminar Series - Corey Watson, University of Louisville

March 25, 2021

iR+ Seminar Series - Prof. Ludvig Sollid, University of Oslo

February 25, 2021

iR+ Seminar Series - Prof. Steven H. Kleinstein, Yale School of Medicine

January 28, 2021

AIRR Community Meeting V: Zooming in to the AIRR Community

iR+ Seminar Series - Prof. Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam, Karolinska Institutet

November 26, 2020

RDC Webinar - Data Ownership Series Part 4: Standards and Protocols

AIRR Community: Response to COVID-19

iReceptor Plus Analysis Tool Hackathon Survey

September 2-4, 2020

iReceptor Plus Consortium - General Assembly Virtual Meeting

hackseqRNA: COVID-19 Ultra-hackathon

May 22-24, 2020

Seminar at the Center of Infectious Medicine

February 26, 2020
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Systems Immunology Workshop: Adaptive immune repertoires and beyond

January 16-17, 2020
University of Surrey, UK

Antwerp T-cell Repertoire (ATCR) Meeting 2019

December 9-10, 2019
Antwerp, Belgium

Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics

December 9-13, 2019,
San Diego, CA USA

iReceptor Plus Consortium Meeting

November 20–22, 2019
Haifa, Israel 

SCAIR 2019

November 17–20, 2019
University of Haifa, Israel

IUIS 2019

October 19-23, 2019
Beijing, China

Science Gateways 2019

September 23–25, 2019
San Diego, California

Canadian Research Software Conference

May 28-29, 2019
Montreal, Canada

AIRR Community Meeting IV

May 11-15, 2019
University of Genoa, Italy

iReceptor Plus Project Kick-off Meeting

January 14–16, 2019
Eilat, Israel